Hosted VOIP

Complete Cloud solution

Our Hosted VOIP is cloud based, unified communications platform designed to integrate voice, email and video into one seamless solution. Communicate with your clients from the office or the beach. Communication is the key to a successful relationship with your clients, so let’s get this right together.

Stay Productive

The ability to connect all your devices as one point of contact with one number – Wherever you are, you are productive.

Full integration with Microsoft

Full integration with Microsoft Teams delivers audio, video & email with advanced conferencing capability. Communicating across the business has never been easier. Imagine Microsoft Teams but with more capabilities. How you ask? Well, with our solution we really define the term “Unified Communications”

The power to overachieve!

A cloud PBX Unified Communications solution that integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Teams. You can decide how you work by using Desk and Mobile Phone, Tablet and PC integration to provide integrated voice email and video – see it, try it, benefit from it.

Work smarter and add flexibility

You are no longer tied to your desk! Your phone follows you everywhere which means you are always in contact, always able to respond, gaining the advantage against competitors that aren’t as well connected.