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Due to the almost-ubiquitous presence of WiFi today, many businesses make the common mistake of believing that the stock router provided by their ISP is secure enough to deliver fast, reliable browsing.

What many businesses don’t realise is that they can be giving public access to their WiFi connections without locking them down correctly first. Failure to properly secure connections can result in the public having full access to sensitive company data.

The benefit of Tech Savvy’s WiFi solution is two-fold: it enables you to offer high-speed public and corporate internet access safely, whilst at the same time keeping your business’ sensitive data locked down.


An internet connection without a firewall is an open door. Hackers hone in on victims’ vulnerable networks, using them to send malicious viruses. In more severe cases of firewall intrusion, hackers can simply enter and then shut down and destroy your operating system from within. A good way to highlight the importance of firewalls is to think about it this way:

You wouldn’t leave your front door open, so why leave the ‘front door’ of your network open?

When our Tech Savvy Specialists implement a firewall solution, it strengthens the line of defence between your data and potential attackers. Whilst impossible to completely guarantee prevention of cyber-attacks, having all the safety measures in place gives you the best possible chance of security. Our dynamic solutions allow you to offer public access whilst still retaining a secure link to the World Wide Web.

Some of the most common methods to attack or view computer data include:

IP Spoofing

Certain cyber criminals are now masking their IP addresses and pretending to act as a trusted source when entering your system. This means that hackers are literally disguising themselves as you and your staff, then breaking into your systems and accessing sensitive data.

Our network solutions protect against IP spoofing, meaning that the only people using your network under your IP address, are those that work under your business’ roof.

Network Packet Sniffers

Network packets are sent as unprotected clear text, leaving them open to interception. Although there are legitimate sources of packet inspection, such as network management and monitoring software, packets are also vulnerable to theft and other attacks of malicious intent.

Our network solution carefully monitors all network packets being sent across your network, ensuring no interceptions are taking place.

Password Attacks

Password attacks are common because they can be so effective, once someone gains access to a user’s password, they then have the ‘key’ to all personal and business information within that account.

Through a combination of guessing, brute-force log on and password cracking, hackers will work relentlessly to crack passwords. With Tech Savvy’s network solutions, we’ll keep your passwords safe and secure and ensure

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