Savvy Backup

Military Grade Encryption

Backup is often seen as an afterthought, a safe, restorative solution that keeps things ‘ticking over’, future-proofing data and ensuring that there’s always a point to return to. However, this complacent attitude towards backup strategy often leads to pitfalls. With Savvy Backup, you will avoid significant flaws seen in common backup solutions, such as high failure rates, unnecessary maintenance costs and difficulty detecting issues prior to restoration. This is where our Savvy Backup comes into its own, featuring continuous data protection (CDP) technology, as well as military-grade encryption at the source. We will compress and backup files automatically to a remote server at a set time, leaving you with peace-of-mind that your data is safe should disaster strike.

Tech Savvy Solutions are a company that puts security at the forefront of your business in order to defend against the problem before it becomes a concern. An observation that has been made by the Ethical Hackers community is that, Crackers (Unauthorised Hacking) are now attacking backup data as it leaves the source and transfers to its destination.

They then attack the live data and it is not until you need to restore from a backup that you realise the backup data has also been attacked and has been encrypted by the cracker. So these backup solutions that are encrypting the data once it gets to its destination will soon be obsolete. However, as a company that comes up with solutions, we have one. Our Online backup solution encrypts the data at Military Grade standard before it leaves the source and most importantly, at an affordable price.