Savvy Mail Filtering

Featuring Business Continuity

Tech Savvy’s intelligent, multi-angle email protection tool works to filter out spam. It also features off-site email archiving, allowing email resilience whilst freeing up local storage. Malicious emails and phishing attacks are widespread today, and with a spam-detection accuracy rate of 99.9%, our mail filtering tool will help you to keep a clean inbox. With an upgrade-able business continuity feature and unlimited storage, your business will never be without email. We offer secure email archiving in as little as 24 hours and all our processes comply with PCI and data protection regulations.

There are an increasing number of companies that encounter system down time due to a virus attached in an email. Our mail filtering tool has:

  • Over 99.9% Spam identified and quarantined
  • 100% known virus detection rate
  • 100% service availability
  • 003% false positives

With so many companies transferring files via email, make sure you don’t get caught out by spoof or ‘phishing’ campaigns. Email spoofing is where you receive an email from an hacker masked as a trusted colleague or establishment, hoping for you to open the virus-ridden attachment.