Savvy Virtual Engineer

The typical modern business runs on a complex IT infrastructure and network, with millions of requests, data transfers and messages being sent back and forth each day, there is a large margin for errors to take place.

The only way to ensure that systems are kept secure and all errors are flagged is with a fully-integrated monitoring solution.

At Tech Savvy Solutions we bring together the leading monitoring products and services, and combine them into a bespoke solution that works for your business.

Optimise Your Network Availability and Performance

Our network management software proactively and automatically gathers your network data, providing administrators with crucial information on any errors or threats before they become a problem.

Cost-efficient Asset Utilisation

The number of IP-enabled devices and end points are increasing fast, and so a concrete monitoring solution is the only way to optimally keep track of your infrastructure’s performance. In fact, Cisco predicted that mobile and wired devices will account for 55% of all activity by 2017.

Tap into your system with our cutting edge monitoring solutions and gain access to a full inventory of network equipment. With the right solution set up, you’ll always be aware of the different devices connected to your system and be able to keep costs under control.

Minimise Risk via a Secure and Compliant Network

Through our careful selection of trusted partners and products, our monitoring solutions are secure, safe and fully compliant with modern business regulatory requirements.

By closely monitoring all aspects of your network and infrastructure, we are able to keep track of each element, leaving no section unguarded.

Some of the features of our monitoring solution that help keep businesses compliant are:

  • Real-time maps of network topologies.
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Port associations for VLANs.
  • Easy capture of device information, such as warranties, serial numbers and more.

Cutting-edge Reports and Insights to Keep on Track

With our customised reporting software we are able to drill down on certain aspects of your IT, delivering insights and KPI’s that can keep you on track for your own business goals.

Access to our Single-pane-of-glass Dashboard

Our monitoring service comes in two options: the first is our all-in-one integrated service, managed by our team of Savvy specialists 24/7, leaving you to focus on business-specific tasks. Alternatively, we also offer the option of handing over more control to businesses who prefer it, with full access to the application’s dashboard, you can dip into your infrastructure’s stats without the need for an internal technical team.